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There was a little boy playing in his front yard, and his grandpa was sitting on the porch watching his grandson play.

The grandfather saw the little boy pull a worm out of the ground, so the
grandfather went up to his grandson and said, "Hey son, I’ll give you
five dollars if you can stick that worm back into the hole you pulled it
out of."

The little boy thought it would be easy enough, so he tried. After
awhile, the boy was about to give up, but suddenly he ran inside and got
a can of his grandmother’s hair spray. He sprayed it all over the worm
and let it dry and then he stuck it back into the hole.

The grandpa said, "Well, boy that’s a neat trick, here’s your five dollars."

The next day, the little boy was playing again, and the grandfather came
up to him and handed him another five dollars. The little boy said,
"What is this for?"

The grandfather said, "Your grandmother thought it was a neat trick too!"