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Find a girl who’s just like your mom!

George was 29 and still single. All of his friends were
married, but George just dated and dated.

One day Bill asked him why he wasn’t married. "Don’t you want
to settle down? Are you holding out for the perfect woman? Are you
having trouble meeting someone compatible?"

"Actually," George replied, "I’ve found many women I would
have been happy to marry. Things always start off fine, but when I
bring them home to meet my parents, my mother never approves of

Bill thinks for a moment. "I’ve got the perfect solution, just
find a girl who’s just like your mom!"

A few months later Bill ran into George again. George looked a
little depressed so Bill asked how things were going. "Did you
find the perfect girl? Did your mother approve?"

George shrugged his shoulders. "Yes, I found the perfect girl.
Yes she was just like my mom. Yes, you were right, not only did my
mom approve, but they became good friends."

"What’s the problem?" asked Bill.

"My father can’t stand her."